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Datamation NetVault IP Charging Carts

datamation ipad cartThe NETVAULT-IP storage cart for Apple iPad, has an innovative three-point locking system, providing the most secure storage of any thing in its class, protecting equipment from theft, vandalism and unauthorized access.  It is far more secure than conventional padlocks and provides better key control and management options. 

It is equipped with outlets for recharging batteries and powering peripherals.  It is also equipped with innovative wire management features, medical grade wheels and adjustable dividers.  The interior can be reconfigured to accommodate changing technologies, something that should be important to institutions concerned about sustainability.


Please note that this cart does not synch. iPads used in cases vary in thickness, which will affect the cart's capacity. If a customer tells us the thickness of the iPad housed in the case they are using (or if they send us a sample of the case), we can provide an estimate of the cart capacity, which may vary from 24-30 units.



iPad Vault Store and Charge

(Secures and charges up to 20 iPads) 

(Secures and charges up to 40 iPads) 

20"W x 24"D x35" H



Are these carts secure???? Watch the videos!  
16 iPads Sync and Charge    
16 ipad storage NetSafe IPCS 16
Charge / Store / Sync 
Locking Cabinet for
16 iPads / MacBook
IPCS - Charge / Store / Sync
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plus UPS freight
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NetSafe IPC

Charge + Store / ONLY

Locking Cabinet
Store and Charge
20 iPads or eBooks

17"H x 21" W x 19 
plus UPS freight
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NetSafe cabinets are too large 
for most AV Carts. 
Make it Mobile! 25 x 30" Carts
$195.00 Plus Freight $295.00 Plus Freight
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Sync and Charge 16 iPad minis

DS-NetSafe 7
The First Security Solution for the iPad mini™, Kindle™, Nook™,

Galaxy Tab, Nexus 7 and
other 7" tablets


 DS-NetSafe 7 C
Charge Only   $ 799.00

DS-NetSafe 7 SC
Sync and Charge $1395.00
Sync and charge 8 iPads DS-NetSafe 8

Store + Charge
Store / Charge / Sync

8 iPads
or Android Tablets

DS-NetSafe 8 C
Charge Only $ 699.00

DS-NetSafe 8SC
Sync and Charge $ 1095.00


Sync and Charge 32 iPads
$2,050.00 plus freight

Charge Only
plus freight

Sync and Charge Cart  24 iPads    

sync and charge 24 ipads

$1925.00 plus freight

Charge Only
$1225.00 plus freight


Charge and Sync 32 
iPad Minis
Charge 32 iPad Minis  
DS-MINI-7SC-32 DS-MINI-7C-32  
Charge Only


Sync and Charge

Plus Freight

CHROMEBOOK Charging Carts-32    
Chromebook Charging Cart Store and Charge 
32 ChromeBooks
Securely constructed 
of 14 Ga. Steel with 
3 Point Locking doors +
Hex Key Lockset

$1,395.00 plus freight

NEW Universal USB Charge   Countertop / Portable / Install
Universal IPad Charging Station DS-C-U16
Charges iPads, iPods, iPhones, mobile phones, Kindles, Nooks and other eReaders, tablets and virtually any
 USB charging port.

Free UPS 48 States
NEW Universal USB Sync & Charge   Countertop / Portable / Install
Universal Ipad iPhone Sync and Charge Station DS-SC-U16
Syncs and Charges
 iPads, iPods, iPhones, mobile phones, Kindles, Nooks and other eReaders, tablets and virtually any
 USB  port.

Free UPS 48 States
Sync and Charge 32 iPads    
sync and charge 32 iPads DS-SyncCharge 32
Compact Desk or Cart Mount
Sync and Charge 32 iPads
includes one USB A/B cable
AC 110 Volt input
Apple USB sync cables are NOT included in sale!

FREE UPS 48 States
Sync and Charge and Charge 
Only 8 iPads
Sync and Charge 8 iPads
This professional 8 USB charging and Syncing station identifies the correct charge profile for each connected device drawing on its library of charging configurations. The library can be updated in the field as supported configurations are added, making it “future-proof.”
 FREE UPS 48 States
Sync and Charge 8 iPads 

DS-C-U8 Charge only
Sync 49 iPads    

sync 49 ipads

The DS-IP-SC-49 provides a desktop station that lets you simultaneously sync up to 49 iPads (or other USB devices). 

Using a Mac, Linux or Windows (7 or XP) based PC, this can sync with iTunes or other software capable of

addressing USB devices.  (Non-Mac hosts may have some software limitations)

For centralized management control, license/content management and technology deployments, this a great solution. A single station in a tech center, library or IT department can simultaneously sync 49 iPads. It can even be used for other USB devices such as USB-connected cell phones, scanners, etc .

FREE UPS 48 States
Charge 16 iPads     
Compact, light and easy to use, the Power Pad 16 (DS-IP-PP16) provides the optimum power required for charging iPads and other iDevices. It can be used to replace bulky power strips and the AC adapter bricks of the standard chargers.

The PowerPad 16 can be placed in a cabinet, cart or carrying case. It can also be mounted on a table, wall or under a counter. It is perfect for tech centers, trade shows, traveling labs and training centers.

plus shipping


Store and Charge 12
 iPads, Kindles, Nooks, Androids
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Desktop or Wall Mount
Perfect for Wall-mounted applications as well as desk surface configurations
Ships fully assembled
Holds up to 12 Tablets
Includes mounting hardware for drywall surfaces included supports a maximum evenly distributed weight of 30 lbs.
The inside is padded and the dividers are rubber-coated to keep your devices protected
Includes a 12-outlet horizontal power strip to keep your devices fully charged
Dimensions: 19"W x 13"D x 14"H
Divider Spacing: 1"
Divider Dimensions: 6"H x 8"D
Inner Dimensions: 13"H x 12¼"D

Unit Weight: 16 lbs.

Plus UPS in the 48 States


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