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AlphaBetter DESKThe AlphaBetter™ Adjustable Student Desk will revolutionize the classroom of the future today.  This stand up desk allows students to stand at their desk while learning and utilize the attached swinging foot rest for balance or the stool for rest.  The AlphaBetter™ Student Desk promotes classroom focus, helps ADHD in classroom settings, improves handwriting, expels excess energy, and . . . kids love it!

The only student desk with a Limited Life Time Year Warranty!*

The AlphaBetter Student Desk is an adjustable-height desk designed to fit most students in grades three through 12. Supporting legs adjust from 26 to 42 inches, providing the best-fit option for individual students, and steel frame construction allows for long-lasting durability and stability.


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An added feature is the patent-pendingAlphaBetter FootRest Pendulum Footrest, which comes standard on all AlphaBetter desks. The footrest naturally corrects a student's body position and ergonomic posture while providing lower back stress relief, says the company.

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Helps to Improve Focus! Obesity
Use as Workstations or Work Desks


Work surface sizes 20" D x 28" W Height Adjustable from 26" to 42"
Two surface finishes Beige MDF/Kydex top 
or Gray Phenolic Composite Top                
These are extremely strong, solid, products
that carry a limited life time year warranty!
Item Code 2017 Pricing
LIST Price 2017
wt. lbs.
UPS Freight*
Price / each
1201BE AlphaBetter™ Desk-No Book Box
MDF/Kydex Top Beige 20"Dx28"W
$456.00 $ 219.95 44 15%
1202BE AlphaBetter™ Desk with Book Box
MDF/Kydex Top Beige 20"Dx28"W
$575.00 $ 276.00 50 15%
1203GR AlphaBetter™Desk-No Book Box
Phenolic top Centuria Gray 20"Dx28"W
$489.00 $ 228.35 44 15%
1204GR AlphaBetter™Desk with Book Box
Phenolic top Centuria Gray 20"Dx28"W
$608.00 $ 287.75 50 15%
1205BL AlphaBetter™
Height Adjustable Stool Black seat
$271.00 $ 127.70 23 15%
1205BE AlphaBetter™
Height Adjustable Stool Beige seat
$271.00 $ 127.70 23 15%
1206BE AlphaBetter™ Desk-No Book Box MDF/Kydex Top Beige 24"Dx36"W $523.00 $ 246.40 51 15%
1207BE AlphaBetter™ Desk with Book Box MDF/Kydex Top Beige 24"Dx36"W $648.00 $ 304.70 59 15%
1208GR AlphaBetter™ Desk Gray Phenolic 24 x 36" Top No Book Box $555.00 $ 262.30 51 15%
1209GR AlphaBetter Desk Composite Top
with Book Box 24" x 36"
$681.00 $ 319.55 58 15%

as of 8/15/2015

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SAFCO 1201 BE $214.95 $236.41 $262.95 $246.95 $214.95



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AlphaBetter Stand up desk
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