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iPad Transport Case / iPad Sync Cart / iPad Charging Hub / iPad Charging Cabinet
 iPhone Sync and Charge    iPads Solutions for Special Education / Nook Charging CartCharge 10 iPads at Once
  Charge Multiple iPads  ChromeBook Charging Carts  Charge Multiple Phones


Stand Up Student

Charge Multiple Kindles


iPad usb hub charger

iPad  Charging Station

Sync/ Charge

iPad Charging Cart

iPad Cart
for School

iPad Transport Case

iPad in Healthcare

Laptop Mobile Storage

AV Furniture


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Why have Smart Classrooms with DUMB DESKS?

AlphaBetter Desk

Stand UP for

Alpha Better Desk AlphaBetter StandUp Desk  
Height adjustable
Standing Desk
Student standing desk

TekCab Cabinets

Locking Steel Cabinets 12 AC Outlets or USB
iPad charging Station from $229.00 
for eReaders / iPads / Nooks / Kindles

store and charge 12 iPads

Charge 12 Kindles, Nooks or iPads

Store and Charge 12 / 16
iPads / iPhones / Nooks
Kindles /  Galaxys / Tablets 
Cell Phones

16 Tablets / ChromeBooks 18 Tablets / ChromeBooks 30 Tablets / ChromeBooks
iPad Charging Carts
Kindles, Nooks, ChromeBooks

iPad charging Cart



Chromeook Charging Cart




iPad charging cart

$384.00 plus freight

$549.00 plus freight

$597.00 plus freight

Sync + Charge 
24 - 32 iPads

Sync + Charge 16 iPads

 Charge 16 - 20 iPads

Datamation Secure
iPad Charge and Sync Carts and Cabinets

Sync and Charge iPhones

sync and charge 32 iPad cart sync and charge 16 ipads

charge 20 ipad cabinet


8 iPad Charge / Sync 16 iPad Minis / 7" tablets
Secure Cabinets for iPads, iPad minis, and Android tablets.
Charge / Sync/Charge

Sync and Charge 8 iPad cabinet

Sync and Charge 16 iPad Minis sync and charge 16 iPad minis
Charging Carts
chromebook charging cart chrombooks in charging cart Secure Cart
Charge 32 ChromeBooks
plus freight
Sync and Charge or Charge Only
 iPhones and Hand Held devices
Sync and charge iphones and ipods charge multiple iphones and ipods charge 32 iphones
TekTote iPad Transport Cases

6 iPads or 
18 iPhones

10 iPads converts to
30 iPhones or 
30 Samsung Galaxys

FREE UPS 48 States
6 iPad / OR
18 iPhone Case

10 iPad / or 30 iPhone Case

6 iPad transport case 10 iPad transport case 30 iPhone transport case
16 iPads 
Transport Case


16 iPad Transport Case
Document Cameras



Why have Smart Classrooms with DUMB DESKS?

AlphaBetter Desk

Stand UP for

Alpha Better Desk AlphaBetter StandUp Desk
Ball Chair
Runtz Ball Chair
Lecterns / Podiums
multimedia education cart
Manufacturers: AlphaBetter Desks Datamation EXACT
    Ken-A-Vision Lumens Stand2Learn
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